Hey Everyone,

Get ready to rewire your weekend for a little Mayhem, Ruin, and full out destruction because we have a few treats for you today. FREE games! Yes, free as in you don’t need to pay for anything. So put away your credit card and let’s dive into the goods. Check out the gameplay trailer here.

First up we have Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered from Volition and KAIKO. Rarely has a sledgehammer in a game been so effective and rewarding.

Next is Agents of Mayhem from Deep Silver Volition. Pick an agent. Defeat the bad guy. And cause a whole lot of destruction in-between. We recommend sprinkling in some intimate time with a certain Eiswolf SUV tank-ish vehicle with four wheels.

Our final game is Regions of Ruin from Gameclaw Studio. We’re big fans of robots but you know what’s almost as good? Dwarves. Protect your crew and prevent your race from extinction. It’s a lot of responsibility but we’re confident you’ll manage.

All these games are part of our Free Games Festival and they’re only available for a limited time from 11.29.22 – 12.31.22. Login or sign-up for free at RobotCache.com to add the games to your library. Visit our store weekly to make sure you collect all three free games!

  • Red Faction Guerrilla Remastered (11/29~12/6)
  • Agents of Mayhem (12/6~12/13)
  • Regions of Ruin (12/13~12/31)

And don’t forget when you’re not playing you can use your PC’s idle time to Earn IRON for FREE discounts using the Robot Cache client. More on that here.

What games are you playing first? Let us know on our official Discord.