Robot Cache is Destroying Wait Times For Game Starts and Patches with ROCKITPLAY Fast Start!

Dear Cachers!

We are partnering with DACLABS to bring its FastStart technology to Robot Cache.

Powered by DACLAB’s ROCKITPLAY FastStart technology, players on our platform will be able to start playing games while downloading within seconds or minutes, and patches will be reduced to a fraction of their size, so gamers can play more and wait less. ROCKITPLAY uses a virtual drive powered by a Microsoft Certified Kernel level driver to house fast start games and to store them sequentially according to their required need at runtime. One side effect – if you have an old school hard drive, your game starts and respawns will be accelerated to SSD speeds. That will add some real horsepower to your older PC or Texas-sized game drive. 🙂

“10 out of 10 people hate waiting! We are excited to be working with Robot Cache, the most innovative game store that gives players unlimited freedom to buy and sell their digital games. With ROCKITPLAY FastStart Robot Cache is ending players’ frustration over long wait times. Cachers can start playing almost instantly, making long wait times for downloads and patches a thing of the past. ROCKITPLAY employs machine learning to sequence any game’s data in the order required to launch, so gamers can start gameplay in minutes or seconds after purchase.” Frank Schwarz, CEO DACSLABS.

Our teams at Robot Cache and DACLAB are teaming up to bring this groundbreaking feature to you soon. Stay tuned for more updates! GLHF!