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Put Your Idle PC to Work and Earn Awesome Rewards.

Gamers from around the world, welcome to Robot Cache! We are the first-ever PC gaming marketplace that enables you to play, earn and sell your games digitally. We believe we offer something special here and we are excited to have you join us.

Sign-up & Install Robot Cache client and start earning IRON, our digital currency that you can use to purchase any games you would like in our store.

Claim limited-time only rewards by simply start earning IRON. It takes less than a minute. Yes. It’s that Easy.


  1. Free Game Giveaway Promotion
  2. Rare Epic VIP Profile Frame & Badge
  3. Nitro 24h Booster
  4. Power 24h Booster
  5. Turbo 24h Booster

What You Do
Once you create a Robot Cache account, you can download and install Robot Cache client. Log in to the client and explore. Click RC (our mascot and your worker robot) icon at the top to access your control panel. Once you click the earning button, it does the job automatically. It’s that simple. You can turn it on and off anytime. Once you earn for a minute, you earn the VIP Rewards. Click the Core Rewards box located at the top right corner of your Robot Cache client. You will be transported to your Profile page where you can claim and activate your rewards. Don’t forget to check out your progress, challenges and achievements there. As you complete challenges, more rewards will be unlocked. Have fun! GG!